Trash Mob Death Machine is looking for new members! We're a casual guild that likes to raid a couple of times a week. We like to have fun and get the job done fast.

To find more information about our different 10man raids, visit our Raids page. We currently have 2 10-mans with multiple spots open, and as always, exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

We are also looking for mature members who'd like to be part of the guild. We have players ranging from altoholics with 10 classes to PVP junkies, from daily players to those who like to log on once a week. We run old content, level alts, regularly BG together and have been close friends through wow for a number of years.

If you think you'd like to apply for a raid, or if you'd just like to apply for casual membership, head on over to our Application page.


Zarillion » November 16, 2010 » Comments: 462

Congratulations to Bodasity on his long-awaited Shadowmourne! (click to enlarge)

I know this is not directly guild related, but here at Trash Mob Death Machine, we are very much concerned with your account security.

I have written posts about the security of the Authenticator, and how it's virtually unbreakable, at least feasibly for a company trying to make money off of mass account jacking. Most gold farming companies will even place "authenticators need not apply" at the end of their emails as to not waste valuable time that could be used getting profit off of another account. Many government agencies and private corporations use similar devices to authenticate access to their most secret data.

Up until now, the only ways to authenticate your account was to have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Android/Blackberry smart phone or pay $7 at the Blizzard store for the actual keychain device. Blizzard has released a "Dial-in" authentication service for World of Warcraft (at least in the North American region, so Gushma, you're outta luck).

The general gist of this is that you register a phone number on your account that will serve as your "authentication incoming number" and dial a toll free number when you log in. Dialing this number will then allow your computer to complete the log-in process so long as it's coming from the number on file.

Remember: No one thinks they can get hacked, until it happens. Then it becomes too real, too late.

MORE INFO ---> ... rhtml=true


Azarizotza » July 24, 2010 » Comments: 456


Good thing Byron Defected!
Tonight our 25-man raid downed Festergut on heroic! This brings our 25-man heroic progression to 4/12. I forgot to grab a picture .... so here's a picture of Festergut digitally enhanced to represent heroic mode.


Edit: We downed him on heroic again on Tuesday night, so I grabbed a picture. Enjoy!


To see what other bosses we have downed, please visit the Progression page.